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Time To Explore the City of Lakes

Visit all the famous sights close to The Shiraz and make your vacation more memorable and exciting. Explore the map and discover all the top attractions in Bhopal now!

Madhya Pradesh Tribal Museum

This incredible museum chronicles the local tribe’s culture and dwelling through ingenious full-scale models and colourfully designed art.


Yodhasthal provides insights about our National Army - the stories of valour, to admire the undaunted spirit of our national heroes. This centre is open for all and also equipped with essential tourists facilities.

State Museum Bhopal

State Museum Bhopal houses the cultural distinctiveness of Madhya Pradesh. It also enables people to view all excavated artefacts, weapons and sculptural masterpieces associated with India’s freedom struggle. And do not miss the Black Penny!

Birla Museum

Built by the Birla Families, this museum holds a space for Lakshmi Narayan and Shiv-Parvati shrines. The Birla Mandhir is fondly known for the selective panel of stone sculptures from the 12th-century era of Madhya Pradesh and the lower lake’s panoramic view.

Roman Catholic Archidiocese of Bhopal

The history of this church goes back to the 18th century about the family of 6 Roman Catholics in Bhopal. The church today is one of the top attractions in the city of Bhopal, with thousands visiting it.

Sonari Stupas

The great Sonari Stupas is a major archaeological site or pilgrimage site of the ancient monastic Buddhists stupas. The site is located about 15 km southwest of Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh. Sonari was brought to light back in 1982 and is widely known for its two stupas composed of soapstones and rock crystals.


The Masjid resembles the likes of the Jama Masjid in Delhi and primarily draws inspiration from the breathtaking prowess of Mughal architecture. The Taj-ul-Masjid is otherwise called the “Crown of Mosques” with foreboding gates, boasting pillars, and intricately designed interiors.

Lakshmi Narayana Temple

The Lakshmi Narayan Temple has the idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Narayana and also a magnificent Shiva idol with his wife, Parvati. The Temple is highly popular for its exquisite architectural style and impressive lush verdant lawns.

Kerwa Dam Lake

Located about 15 km southwest of Bhopal is this large water body; a Kerwa Dam is where most city dwellers drive down to unwind. Given its picturesque nature, it is an ideal place to get soaked in peace and tranquillity.

Lower Lake

The Lower Lake holds the beauty of Bhopal. The lower lake is beside a bridge named 'Pul Pukhta'. The lower lake has also been mentioned as "Pukhta-Pul Talao" in literature.

Vardhaman Park

The Park is serene and is located on the banks of the Upper Lake, which adds to the factor of water sports facilities. The park also has a beautiful rose garden for people to spend some cosy time with family.

Van Vihar National Park

Van Vihar is a revered National Park, Rescue Centre and a Zoo of Central India. The wildlife sanctuary is widely considered a shining beacon in conservation for selected species and is a humble abode for many exotic winged creatures and other carnivores. Also, the sanctuary makes for an excellent destination for wildlife lovers.

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