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Gardenia is our expansive 3200 sq. ft. banquet hall that opens into a 1800sq. ft. courtyard,  ideal for conferences, launches, social and corporate events. The banquet provides ample space for seating, a buffet and interaction.

With colours, arrangement and our service, the Gardenia gives you a sophisticated and plush ambience for any event.

Seating styles: Theatre - 375, Circular - 225, U-Shaped - 115, Board room - 150, Classroom - 100


The Frangipani is a quaint venue of 1600 sq. ft. ideal for private meetings and corporate events. The Frangipani Room is complete with a presentation screen, and  features a sprawling view of the lawns.

Seating styles: Theatre - 100, Circular - 80, U-Shaped - 40 , Board room - 35, Classroom - 30

The Deck

Gracefully peering over serene greenery,  the Sun Deck offers you plenty of privacy as well as views from up high, making it the perfect space for intimate get-togethers.

The Lawns

At The Shiraz, we have two lush green lawns for our guests. The Palm is an expansive 10,000 sq. ft. while the second, Silver Oak Lawn is around 3500 sq. ft.

Surrounding both our lawns are flagstones walls filled with plush plants and trees, adding a charming element to the surroundings. Both our lawns are adjacent to the parking lot, making the whole experience of an event more convenient.

Olive Pavilion 

Step out of our Gardenia banquet hall right into the Pavilion - with manicured lawns and outdoor seating so serene, why lounge anywhere else?
The Pavilion is the newest addition to The Shiraz and provides the perfect setting for intimate get-togethers and parties.


Our 12,000 sq. ft. parking lot makes it easy to access every part of The Shiraz. Our massive parking lot provides ample space, that even during times of high traffic influx, other functionalities of the hotel are not affected.

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