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Gardenia is our expansive 3200 sq. ft. banquet hall that opens into a 1800sq. ft. courtyard,  ideal for conferences, launches, social and corporate events. The banquet provides ample space for seating, a buffet and interaction. With colours, arrangement and our service, the Gardenia gives you a sophisticated and plush ambience for any event.

Seating styles: Theatre - 375, Circular - 225, U-Shaped - 115, Board room - 150, Classroom - 100


From corporate events and private meetings to family get-togethers and pre-wedding functions, Frangipani is an ideal venue of 1600 sq. ft. that hosts upto 100 individuals. Its sophisticated charm and versitality makes it an excellant choice for a range of occassions. With warm and bespoke hospitality, our dedicated team ensures a seamless and memorable experience for your event.

Seating styles: Theatre - 100, Circular - 80, U-Shaped -  40 , Board room - 35, Classroom - 30


The spot of togetherness. Bring together your close knit for a party, occassion or rendezvous. If you wish to host a board meet or small get-togethers like kitty parties, Plumeria is the ideal spot that offers versitality and has an accomodating atmosphere that hosts upto 40 individuals in its vastness of 600 sq.ft. With a sleek modern ambiance, the seating arrangements in Plumeria Hall are carefully considered for comfort and conducive environment for conversations and meetings.


At The Shiraz, we have two lush green lawns for our guests. The Palm is an expansive 10,000 sq. ft. while the second, Silver Oak Lawn is around 3500 sq. ft.

Surrounding both our lawns are flagstones walls filled with plush plants and trees, adding a charming element to the surroundings. Both our lawns are adjacent to the parking lot, making the whole experience of an event more convenient.


Our 12,000 sq. ft. parking lot makes it easy to access every part of The Shiraz. Our massive parking lot provides ample space, that even during times of high traffic influx, other functionalities of the hotel are not affected.

Tesu Corner

Nestled beneath the shade of a majestic tesu tree, this serene spot overlooks our grassy lawn. Wooden panels and all the greenery around create a peaceful escape, perfect for fun get-togethers with friends and family. Ideal for small get-togethers or small parties

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