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4 Tikkas you should try before you celebrate International Cuisines

Tikkas have been the hors d’oeurves of Indian cuisine for centuries. Essentially a cutlet in a marinade, the variety that this medieval Indo-Persian cuisine based dish offers is enormous. Each variety has a different mix of spices and yet always lip-smackingly delicious. Colonel Kentucky has nothing on our Tikkas. Here is a list of 5 must try kebabs before you only celebrate International Cuisines

1. Murg ke Suley

A delicate dish that balances the bitter-sour taste of kachri powder with the red chilli powder and black pepper, the Murg ke Suley is to die for. The succulent boneless chicken is married with the unique taste that the marinate yogurt gives and the tangy taste of dry mango in the soola masala. Garished with freshly squeezed lemon juice and onion rings, this tikka at the top of our list.

2. Mutton Bhopali Seekh

Adding a Bhopali twist to the classic Mutton Seekh kebab, this dish is a specialty of ours. Minced meat is mixed with some spices, onions and flavored with coriander ground to paste. Adding a snazzy tang to it, the kebab is basted with butter and chat masala ensuring that you are licking crumbs off your plate

3. Methi Malai Paneer Tikka

Malai Chicken is given a vegetarian twist with this recipe. Methi Malai Paneer is mild compared to it’s more famous cousin Paneer Tikka, made with the cream of milk, or malai and a the slight bitter taste of the methi or fenugreek leaves. This tikka can be a break from the other heavy on spices tikkas

4. Sikanderi Raan

     Indian spices on a whole Lamb leg - this tikka, as the story behind it claims, is fit for 'kings'. The story goes that 'Alexander the Great' or as we Indians call him 'Sikander' captured an Indian King, Porus after a battle who releases the King Porus and calls for a feast as a toast to their friendship. This dish claims origins from this Feast.

4. Paneer Banjara Kebab

     This vegetarian Kebab is an authentic and delicious dish that can be perfect for any occasion. With the zest of lemon juice as a part of it's marinate, this kebab is just mouth-watering. 

Come check out all these tikkas and many more at Aqua Restaurant as a part of the Tikka Fiesta that is now taking place. Hurry, we offer free accompaniments that include Salad, Salan, Dal Makhani & Naan. 

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