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Planning a Beautiful and Meaningful Wedding During the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

The ongoing pandemic has become a reality and mainstay in all our lives, with the threat of a possible lockdown or restrictions still looming large. However, the undeniable beauty of life is that it moves on - strangers meet, fall in love and get married, and in some scenarios, it is just a little bit orchestrated. In all of these matchups, however, planning the ceremony and reception is paramount to making the wedding day special. So what happens you are forced to contend with a pandemic with restrictions on total invites? We have a few suggestions for planning a beautiful and meaningful wedding during the pandemic and creating sweet memories that will last a lifetime.

Embrace Traditions that Work for You

Eliminate the temptation to do the bare minimum when wedding planning during the pandemic and ensure that you keep the traditions you have always dreamed of, making it meaningful and fun for you and your partner. Most Indian weddings are rife with customs that you should take the time to understand which ones to keep and which to let go. Even when it comes to food, with an intimate gathering, it is the perfect opportunity to come up with new and exciting ideas for wedding food by indulging in different cuisines or dishes.

Adopt a Flexible Attitude

If there is anything that we can learn from the pandemic, we should be prepared to adapt to any circumstances. For example, if your original plan was to have a large wedding, find the best professional agency to help you set up a live stream for all those who are not physically there to get involved. Another great way to make people feel involved is to organise a memorable and delicious meal after the ceremony to celebrate your union over a traditional meal. If you choose to use Zoom for the reception, spend some time with them over a fun interactive game that will enable everyone to send love and good wishes to you. Wedding planning during the pandemic can be made easy and simple with a flexible mindset.

Consider an Outdoor Wedding Venues

Finding the perfect wedding venue is crucial as it sets the tone and feel of your wedding day. While indoor locations are common, we have seen a trend in outdoor wedding venues in recent years. An outdoor wedding location provides many advantages like a romantic, picturesque backdrop of nature surrounded by lush green landscape, natural light to capture stunning wedding photos, and open-air space prescribed for gatherings in a pandemic. So make the best and safest choice for yourselves and your closest family and friends when planning a wedding during a pandemic.

Keep the Decor Impactful

When decorating, get cost-smart and creative, especially for a pandemic wedding. So, whether you keep it minimal or bold, remember that your decor will most likely be the backdrop to your pictures. Years down the line, your photographs are what you will look at and remember this special day. So, formulate a realistic vision of what can be achieved without going overboard and look at sensible, cost-effective ways to achieve your dream.

Gathering over Reception

If you are forced to have an intimate wedding, plan your reception as a gathering for close friends and family rather than an event. Suppose you think of your reception as a gathering; it will help you ideate and implement accordingly, designing an evening that can be special and personal, making it meaningful and fun to all those attending. For example, set up seating as if you are hosting a large dinner party, and instead of meeting everyone on a stage, you can come up with creative ways to acknowledge and thank everyone in person.

Toss all the rules out the window when planning a wedding during a pandemic! You can choose to be as creative and out-of-the-box as you want to be. In a sense, you are pioneers of intimate Indian weddings. So ensure that you follow all the rules for a gathering, to keep everyone safe while planning a wedding that no one will forget.

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