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Wedding Decor Trends You never thought of

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Brides-to-be have an enormous list of things to get perfect before the Wedding and the struggle is real! From the guest list, the cuisine choices for food, the decor and more personal things like colours complimenting her, that perfect lehenga and the dance sequence for the Sangeeth. Believe me, the list is massive!

Décor is often considered to be redundant – the same old grand gold-sets, with old-fashioned flowers decorations. But what if you can revamp your wedding décor? That is uniquely you, distinct - making your wedding into Your wedding

Here are some quirky, cute and often adorable wedding décor ideas that might just be a way to make it yours.

1. Personalising your flower decorations

Flower decorations often been used like an over the top garnish on all the ‘sets’ used in a typical reception and mandap decoration. A new refreshing and endearing twist to the flower decorations were flower decorations made into cute birds or animals – from love birds, to owls to even a mammoth of an elephant.

Flower Decor at a Wedding
Flower Decor at a Wedding - Img Source Abhinav Bhagat Events

2. Revamping Lighting instead of the just massive lights

Tired of the boring Lighting used just as what it is – lighting up the place? A fun, interesting and fancy way to bring both light and fancy into your wedding, is using decorative lighting – starting with simple fairy lights to fancier lanterns up to a chandelier.

Lighting For Decor
Lighting For Decor

3. Going Rustic and Romantic with wooden ‘park benches’ in an open lawn

Bored out of your mind with the wedding receptions held in big event halls with those Oh-too-Pristine almost cold atmosphere? Want something with a little charm? picture this wooden park benches on a green lawn with a little charming lighting.

Open Reception in a Lawn
Open Reception in a Lawn - Img Courtesy Bling Mushrooms

4. Open Mandap?

We saw Open receptions for seating how about open Weddings? This picture is of a small ‘Mandap’in a lawn is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Open Mandap Flower Decor at The Shiraz
Open Mandap Flower Decor at The Shiraz

5. Light and Airy Drapes instead of the Boring, Stuffy Shamiyana

Having an open Wedding will often mean those dreadfully boring Shamiyana Tents are a must, especially for a wedding brunch/lunch. Here’s a better option that is both, light and pleasing! Coverage from the harsh sun yet Oh-so-fancy! Drapes!!

Drapes used as a shade
Drapes for Shade - Img. Courtesy Enjoy Events

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