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6 Wedding Food trends that you should know

Wedding Food used to be all about sitting down for the meal in rows and being served on a huge Thali - a classic set of food options, while usually a wide range of options, the options were often set options. But, now over time Wedding food and the effort going into it has changed.

      Wedding food is one of the aspects of a wedding that leaves a lasting expression in the minds of the guests. Here are a few of the latest trends to watch out for this wedding season

1.       International Cuisine

With the world getting smaller, people traveling and experiencing different cultures and cuisines, some couples opt for their favourite cuisines or even a fusion of indigenous and international cuisine. Different cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Lebanese with a wide variety of options are now preferred over a standard classic cuisine style. Indian Chinese has become it's own style and flavour very different from both Indian cuisine and Original Chinese.

Sushi. Img Courtesy Pinterest

2.       Regional Specials

2019 has been a year on the essence of India and focus is on bringing the authenticity of Indian traditions back. Many couples have chosen to embrace their own indigenous culture and opt for wedding food options that are heavily influenced by their native culture and tastes. One such Bhopali food specialty We recommend is the famous Achari Gosht. Few can resist a dish that brings together tender cooked meat with pickled or achari flavors to excite the senses.

Achari Gosht from Aqua, The Kwality's Shiraz

3.       Concept Buffet

With Weddings evolving and many opting for grand, opulent, royal weddings. Some couples go a step further and opt for even the wedding meals to be in the same theme, and opt for Mughlai cuisine with food that is cooked with aromatic spices and sometimes  garnished with nuts and dried fruits.

Mughalai Concept Buffet Img Courtesy Pinterest

4.       Healthy

With the whole world focusing on health and the rising trend of moving away from fast foods moving towards healthier options like Jaljeera, coconut water instead of soft drinks. As People these days have become conscious about what they are consuming, more and more people are opting for food ingredients that are fresh and local produce.

JalJeera Img Courtesy Pinterest

5.       Desserts.

Gone are the days where dessert in a Wedding buffet ended with dessert as a cup ice cream or kheer. Dessert option now are diverse and have both Indian and international options. There is a rise of live dessert counters serving Jalebi and ice cream sundaes even waffles, pancakes - totally why you should attend weddings.

One Bite Dessert Options. Img Courtesy Pinterest

6.       DIY Counters

A new trend in wedding food options is the rise in Do-it-Yourself counters. These DIY food counters range from salad bars, chat counters, Nachos or Tacos cart and so on make the simple wedding food menu much better. This allows for customisation according to your guests preference and with an added bonus of keeping them entertained.

DIY Salad Bar. Img Courtesy Pinterest

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