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5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at The Shiraz

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Staying at a hotel is always synonymous with luxury, being waited on hand and foot, and a place where you can relax, unwind and revel in comfort. This is exactly the kind of experience we at The Shiraz want to impart to our guests.

Here is a list of why you should stay at The Shiraz the next time you are in Bhopal!

We prioritise your comfort

The Shiraz has everything you need for a pleasant stay! Step into one of our luxurious rooms with large, comfortable beds and clean and hygienic bathrooms. Our rooms are made to accommodate all your needs and spare you from any work. All you need to do is relax!

Beautiful views

Our rooms have the perfect view to relax, with private gardens and lush green surroundings where you can detox and de-stress from life's daily hustle. Enjoy a refreshing cup of tea while watching the sunrise in peace.

Amenities galore

The Shiraz is situated in a prime location, very close to Bhopal's business centres and malls, yet it maintains a serene environment, a home away from home amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. We even have access to a gym, so you won't miss out on your workout while you are with us.

Scrumptious food

Staying at The Shiraz guarantees you one of the best culinary experiences you can ever have. Our restaurant Aqua offers a wide range of food options from Indian, Chinese and international cuisines. At the same time, The Tavern is an American western-style pub that serves an eclectic selection of wines, spirits and, along with it, some glimpses of the Clint Eastwood era.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Our primary task at The Shiraz is to take care of you - your needs, wishes and satisfaction, 24 hours a day, and our mission is to make you feel great! Providing you with the best accommodation and hotel experience is never just about taking care of basic needs.

So this holiday season, stay with us at The Shiraz, and we guarantee a wonderful experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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