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Must Visit Hill Stations Near Bhopal

Bhopal, the heart of India, is a busy metropolis with lakes, monuments, and plenty of greenery. The upper and lower lakes are tourist attractions in this city. Although the town is a significant tourist destination, the residents of this metropolis frequently require a break. Nothing shouts vacation like the cool temperature of a hill station. Because of Bhopal's position, it's easy to find hill stations nearby. People living in Bhopal choose to go in all directions while seeking an escape to the mountains because numerous affluent states surround it in every direction.

Below mentioned are 6 must-visit hill stations whilst your stay at Bhopal.


Amarkantak is another hill station near Bhopal that visitors should explore. Amarkantak is regarded as the "Theertharaja", or royal pilgrimage site, because it is located in the picturesque Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges. It is a location with multiple temples of various ages, located at the height of 1065 m above sea level.

This is where the perennial and large rivers, Narmada and Sona, begin. Several stories are told concerning the importance of Amarkantak. One popular legend has it that after Lord Shiva burned down Tripura, the ashes landed over Amarkantak and transformed into hundreds of Shivalingas. Tourists are enchanted by the beautiful green forest, holy pools, glittering waterfalls, and mountains. There's no better time to visit than the monsoon period when the flora and environment flourish. Amarkantak is, therefore, best seen during the winter season. A pleasant climate is experienced from October to February.

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Mandu is a historical city llocated at the height of 2079 feet near the summit of the Vindhya mountains. The city is well-known for its fort and the Jahaz Mahal. The 82-kilometre-long defence is regarded as India's most extensive. Inside the fort, the famed 15th-century Jahaz Mahal served as the residential quarters for Ghiyasuddin Khiliji's queens. Its reflection in the water looked like a sailboat. As a result, Mandu is also known as a "ship that never sailed." Winter is the best time to visit Mandu; the monsoon season is also liked since the occasional rain decreases the temperature.


One of the most unbelievable hill towns close to Bhopal is Shivapuri, which you must see at all costs. This site, sandwiched between the steep mountains and the deep deciduous forest, is perfect for having an unforgettable experience. At 478 metres above sea level, this location provides a variety of things to enjoy or just unwind. The execution of renowned freedom fighter Tatya Tope took place here, making this area famous as well. Shivpuri is a must for those lookin for a weekend getaway, a couples’ retreat or to relaxe amidst nature. Must-see attractions include Madhav National Park, Sakhya Sagar, and Karera Bird Sanctuary. December to February are the best months to visit.

Patalkot Valley

Patalkot is a valley that is is lush green and filled with tall trees. This area has some stunning views, so it's a great place to explore. Spend the day in Chhindwara. It is famous for its treks and trail walks. The best time to visit is between November and March.

Maikal Hills

One of the unusual locations to consider while looking for a hill station close to Bhopal is located on the Madhya Pradesh border, close to the town of Amarkantak. The trees and rivers below may be seen in stunning detail from Maikal Hills. The hill also serves as a meeting point for the Narmada and Wainganaga rivers. This makes it a leading holy site for the nearby town of Amarkantak. This natural heritage region is home to several impressive forts and temples that will bring spirituality to your weekends.

It's ideal for a weekend retreat or a pilgrimage. Must-see attractions are Narmada Kund and the Kalachuri Temples. The perfect time to travel is from October to February.

Here some other things to do in Bhopal when you visit!


The hill station is close to Bhopal, with lakes and gorgeous views. There is easy access by road and train to this town in Gujarat. In the city, you can discover one-of-a-kind art pieces and cultural facilities. The temples and museums are all vibrantly elegant. This is an excellent weekend getaway for anyone who likes the outdoors. The ideal time frame is from mid-March to mid-November.

Activities include boating on Saputara Lake, learning about Hatgadh Fort, and hiking in Vansda National Park. Ideal for: Art lovers, sizable groups, social gatherings, and families. Saputara Lake and Sunset Point must be seen. The optimal time to travel is from October to February.

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