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Levelling Up Small Weddings: A Guide

Finding a sustainable strategy to maintain life and living standards in the aftermath of new COVID instances has become the new normal. Couples planning a large opulent Indian wedding accepted the new wave of smaller weddings with remarkable grace. May and June 2020 weddings in India may have created a new market for the sector since they allowed guests worldwide to participate in ceremonies through Zoom calls and let couples exchange vows in front of their closest friends and family.

Small weddings, it is commonly assumed, need less labour, curation, and elevation. But, contrary to popular belief, weddings of different sizes, scopes, and locations are still weddings, and smaller guest lists allow for even more remarkable inventiveness.

A smaller guest list allows for more creativity for an outstanding event, whether your celebration takes place far away or in the backyard of your house.

You can level up your small wedding with these ideas.

Finalising the Guest List for Intimate Weddings

Even when the goal is to preserve the planet from a dominant force, one of the most challenging tasks is narrowing down the guest list. We have always believed in and practiced the Atithi Devo Bhava concept in India. A family wedding is a much-anticipated occasion in which guests-relatives and friends come together to celebrate the bride and groom's special day with considerable pomp and show.

If guests cannot attend the intimate wedding, we propose couples provide the spot to a person who was not on the initial guest list. Prioritization is easy by creating different guest lists for each event. Make sure the event is kid-free.

Invest In A Photographer

No matter how many people will attend, hiring a competent photographer is a worthwhile investment, but having fewer guests may give you more chances to capture special moments. With fewer people at the table, visitors will relax and create an intimate setting. Hire a dependable photographer to capture the laughter, tears, and clinking glasses since they are the memories you'll cherish the most.

Get Creative With Seating Arrangements

If you're organising a small wedding in a big venue, it could be time to get inventive with the seating arrangements for the ceremony and reception. It's a lot of fun to make a considerable room seem private because you can be creative with seating and table arrangements and add things like a lounge or innovative bars and food stations. For example, think of an extra-large circular table for 20 to fill additional space, or change how the location is generally utilised by putting the ceremony where others could have meals.

Curating A Bespoke Menu

You have more room for a thorough menu if you aren't serving a large group. With a smaller wedding, the possibilities are endless, whether you want a seven-course meal with knowledgeable wine pairings, a lavish buffet, a fun food truck on-site, or simply go with this season's wedding food trends. With a small group, you can truly customise every element.

Personalised Return Gifts

Weddings aren't complete unless the guests are acknowledged. A return gift symbolises love, a memory of happy memories. So offer everyone a great return present to make it possible to attend the wedding. Consider giving customized glassware, colourful plants, or personalized sweets.

Thoughtful With Activities

When choosing the specifics and activities, leave out the items that don't make sense to you and your spouse. For example, many couples choose to skip part of the traditional dance at a small wedding. If you know your audience, replace it with an activity that everyone will like, or retain it in the schedule if your loved ones appreciate dancing.

Are you looking for a venue to hold a small wedding? Then, The Shiraz is all yours. You're guaranteed a glam wedding with ample space and lighting.

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