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5 Makeup Trends this wedding season

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Weddings are a huge deal and we Indians take the concept of ‘big fat weddings’ to a whole different level – the festivities sometimes can last up to weeks. The main draw of any wedding is the couple more so the bride. A bride however, has a lot to focus on – from her attire, her jewellery, her hairstyle to her make-up and ever her shoes. EVERYTHING counts and meticulous attention is paid to every seemingly minute detail.

With the wedding season around the corner, here are some of the makeup trends that are popular this season.

1. Bold and Beautiful Brows

Brows have been making waves for a while now. Gone are the days with those awfully thin, pencil drawn brows - thick, bold brows are in. Our own celebs Deepika and Piggy Chops sported lush dark brows for their weddings. Balance the brows – fill in and make them full and shapely but don’t overdo them and end up making them artificial.

Perfect for brides with big beautiful eyes, pair this look with Smokey eyes or neutral metallic eye shadow. Add lots of drama with false eyelashes and lots of mascara.

2. Glowy/ Dewy Skin

Inspired by the recent waves the Korean glass skin trend that even inspired many runway looks at this year’s Paris Fashion Week. This Indian bridal makeup trend is very skin-focused more on enhancing one’s natural complexion and youthfulness through deep skincare and highlighting.

Dewy Bridal Make-up. Img. Source - Pinterest
Dewy Bridal Make-up. Img. Source - Pinterest

Follow a good skin care regimen like Korean inspired 9 step skincare routine that focuses on cleansing, toning, hydrating, mask and sunscreen.

3. Back to the Classics – Bold Red

Red is considered a very auspicious colour in Hindu weddings and traditional makeup is red lipstick while highlighting the eyes with black Kohl. This is a very classic look and classics never go out of style

Perfect for brides who are going for a traditional bridal lehenga – the classic make-up would complement their desi attire.

4. Natural Look

This beauty trend is all in the rage, especially among who believe in ‘less is more’. The recent slew of Bollywood celebs weddings saw many going for understated, natural make up like Anushka Sharma, PC and Deepika.

“Natural makeup” does not imply no makeup– it is the light application of make-up to slightly highlight of features like eyes and lips enhancing your beauty.

5. Shimmery Eyes

Indian weddings are all about the bling and shine and so can makeup be glittery or shimmery. To avoid overdoing it, you can go for a metallic lighter shade for a very light, day-time look. Try something like dusty peach, pale bronze, metallic cream or porcelain. Add matching lipstick and a hint of blush for a really soft yet shimmery look.

Shimmery Eye Makeup - Img. Courtesy Pinterest
Shimmery Eye Makeup - Img. Courtesy Pinterest

A bride dream to shine on her big day and this makeup look will do exactly the same - with glittery eye shadow and shimmer on your whole face, you will be glowing on your special day!

So ladies, what is your favourite wedding make-up trend this season? have we missed it, if so comment and let us know

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