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8 Wedding Return Gift Ideas that get our thumbs up

One important aspect of a Wedding, leaving a lasting impression in the mind of the guests is of course, the return gift. Giving a lovely wedding return gift is a ‘thank you’ to all your guests who have graced your special day. Making your guests feel special with these return gifts as a memory feels like an achievement. Surprise your guests with these wedding return gifts.

1. Plants

Cactii and other succulent plants
Succulent Plants

Avoid stepping on any toes with gifts that are either religious in nature like religious icons or crossing cultural taboos. One can’t go wrong with an eco-friendly and ‘chic’ gift life plants. You can gift minimal care plants like succulents, or bamboo which is considered to bring good luck and positive vibes.

2. Custom Chocolates or Cupcakes

Bride and groom cupcakes

You can get delicious chocolate gifts that are custom made for your wedding. Packed in tasteful gift boxes, which can also be personalised - the chocolates can even have designs printed on them in edible colours. Another twist on the tradition of giving sweets on a special occasion and also remind them that they got that adorable cupcake from you on your wedding.

Printed Customised Chocolates

3. Marble Clock

Handcrafted Marble Clock
Marble clock

A handcrafted marble clock as an acknowledgment that you consider their time valuable and thanking them for spending it with you on your special day.

4. Fresh Organic Honey

Fresh Organic Honey
Fresh Organic Honey

The current trend is focussed on healthier options and sustainable living, eco-friendly and so on –another substitute to heavy unhealthy traditional sweets is fresh organic natural honey.

5. Dry fruits or Nuts

Dry fruits or Nuts have always been considered as reasonably expensive gifts. Health conscious people would love this over the fatty and unhealthy option of sweets as tradition

6. Potli Bags

A Potli bag is a very popular fashion accessory that are essentially made out of a rich cloth, preferably satin, velvet or silk adorned with Banaras or Kutch work, pearls, beads, sequins, stones along with tassels affixed on the drawstrings reflecting the rich ethnic tradition of the country.

7. Bangle/Jewellery cases

Jewellery Boxes

Nothing more ethnic than jewellery and if you can’t gift them jewellery, gift them jewellery cases, they certainly never enough jewellery boxes when we can’t get enough jewellery

8. Handy Kitchen Gadget

Kitchen Gadgets
Kitchen Gadgets

There is no man, woman who would not appreciate a handy and practical kitchen appliance – from quirky fridge magnets to personalized shot glasses with your wedding date, these useful gifts will definitely be appreciated by you near and dearest


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