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6 Ways Shiraz is the Ultimate Business Hotel

Gone are the days when traditional business travellers existed. Business travellers now seek simpler, faster, and more modern amenities that hoteliers can provide through dynamic technology. For corporate meetings and face-to-face encounters, business travellers usually stay at hotels. The constant expansion of business opportunities in this industry attracts more room bookings, an exceptional food menu selection, and amenities that reflect the style of each traveller.

Now that the necessity to attract business travellers has been established, the issue that emerges is - what should you do to begin hosting such customers at your hotel? Does your hotel meet the needs of these visitors? Worry not; you have arrived at the right place.

Here are 6 ways why Shiraz is the ultimate business hotel.

Ease of Booking

Time is the most valuable commodity in the corporate world for business travellers (and in our industry as well). As a result, we at Shiraz, ensure that our check-in and check-out processes are quick. We also offer an online check-in and check-out system with easy cancellation to prevent undesired scenarios.

To further elaborate, the greatest hotels provide welcoming public areas where guests may relax with a drink, listen to live music, or view the sunset. Lucky for you, our accommodation has a resort-style patio, overlooking the lush scenery, and a mini bar to help you unwind and relax.

Accommodate Remote Work

Our hotel is designed to be business-friendly. The dining hall, the rooms, and the garden- all have a space for you to work remotely, and we offer additional power outlets to plug in your phone, tablet, laptop, and music to make work seem breezy. We also provide an accessible meeting room as we know that pitching ideas to existing clients and having important conversations simply can’t be conducted over the phone with AV equipment and ample space for seating, dining, and social interaction with your colleagues.

Complimentary WiFi

A reliable internet connection is essential in many scenarios. It allows us to communicate with individuals we care about, access entertainment, and accomplish our jobs. Work is so reliant on internet connection these days that being connected to the office base is critical even when travelling. Of course, we hear you and are here for you. The faster the connection, the longer you stay. Our complimentary WiFi is given to you as soon as you check-in. The connectivity is so strong that you can work from any location you prefer inside our vicinity. We ensure that you have a Kwality stay.

Centrally Located

Location is still the most important consideration. Travel managers may utilise the major purpose of a trip to assist team members in booking the most convenient and user-friendly hotel to match their demands. Also, proximity boosts productivity. It reduces in-city commute time, giving you more time to work. Shiraz is centrally located in the heart of Bhopal. The Habibganj Railway Station is 5 minutes away by car, while the closest airport is 20 minutes away. The Bhopal City Center, the Secretariat, and several popular tourist attractions and hubs for leisure and relaxation are all close to our boutique hotel.

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Dining Options

Who doesn't love a good spread of food with a view? We at Shiraz offer healthy meals and fine dining experiences that suit your dietary requirements and take care of your allergies. We offer a variety, from Indian to continental and bar to barbeque. Room service is permitted, and round-the-clock refreshments and beverages are included.

Recreational Facilities

Nowadays, the majority of hotels across the world feature gyms. So, adapting to your routine can be a hassle if you enjoy going to the gym and are on the road. Our hotel gyms entail high-end hi-tech luxury facilities to guarantee you get your daily calories burned. We also have a list of must visit places, the best places to shop, and if you feel bold, there are adventurous getaways for you to visit.

This is your cue to make a booking with The Shiraz. You're in for a memorable and promising stay during your visit to Bhopal.


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