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7 Ideas To Host A Close-Knit Intimate Wedding

Hosting a small wedding does not automatically imply a modest celebration. In some instances, the seclusion and exclusivity that a small wedding provides is an excellent opportunity to celebrate a meaningful wedding with only the couple's closest friends and family there to bless them. However, in reality, intimate weddings offer many options for you to explore and implement your opulent romance.

From innovative settings for intimate weddings to creative methods to add to the festivities, intimate weddings constitute significant popularity among many young couples for a multitude of reasons.

Here are 7 ideas to host a close-knit, intimate wedding to help you plan your spectacular wedding ceremony.

Open Doors to Unusual Locations

An intimate wedding is distinct from a conventional big fat Indian wedding, which is nothing short of a gala that needs a vast wedding area to accommodate the activities. Intimate wedding locations may also feature unconventional settings that differ from the standard options used by today's brides and grooms. For example, a magnificent setting on top of a hill, a heritage site, or your favourite beach may not allow more than a certain number of guests. It is a surefire way to have your perfect wedding without any problems if you choose to have an intimate wedding. Make it an unforgettable occasion for everybody to be swept away by the artistic ambience.

Over-the-Top Services

Given that there aren't as many guests to attend to all at once, the services you select for your intimate wedding have a better chance of being the finest. When catering to a larger population, the quality of services may be compromised. When you just have your closest friends and family to celebrate with, you can concentrate on making your wedding services great.

Everything can be personalised, from the meal rounds to the live music that keeps your guests amused at dinner. Your visitors may even add their favourite cuisine, song, or beverage to the list to be included, and they will be easily incorporated into the timeline or list.

Extended Celebrations

While you and your guests remain in one location, intimate weddings allow you to deviate from the schedule and enjoy prolonged celebrations. Make an effort to keep your visitors engaged, whether through talks or entertaining activities planned for the day. You are not required to say your last goodbyes after the wedding. To make it more intimate, consider giving wedding return gifts to guests to make the wedding more memorable.

Instead, arrange a fabulous formal brunch the next day or a spa treatment to ease the hangover.

Make the most of your table card ideas.

Table place card designs for Indian weddings are a growing trend. Table cards are a great way to make your wedding seating seem perfect. Instead of printing the name cards, you may design your stationery for your wedding name cards and table cards. Make your cut-outs and perhaps even leave short customised messages at each guest's place.

Decoration Accents

An intimate marriage allows you to design your wedding décor in greater depth. Intimate weddings are ideal for experimenting with DIY décor ideas—bangle decor to umbrella décor, dream catcher decor, and candle decor. The décor of a larger wedding venue differs from an intimate wedding when the focus is concentrated in one location. When the guest list is smaller, getting everyone on board with the wedding theme is easier. You might have a theme for attendees' attire, especially if the event is a destination wedding with flip-flops and flowing floral skirts.

Create and Personalize an Invitation.

Printing up unique wedding invitations and distributing them to a guest list of 300+ people is a time-consuming operation. It is time-consuming, but this duty is frequently delegated to professionals or performed by a family member. In the event of a small wedding, you may take your time making intricate cards and even dabble with handwritten scripts or hand-crafted envelopes to make the guests feel much more intimate and unique.

Handwritten cards are charming in their own right. Watercolour drawings or plantable cards can be included on your list. Consider adding some of your guests' favourite sweet and savoury options while sending out the invitation.

Accommodations for Everyone to Stay Together

Even the most extravagant Indian weddings attract relatives and other visitors from all over the world, who may require lodging in the city. In a small wedding environment, though, you may make accommodations for everyone, including yourself and the groom, in one location. You could all spend considerable time together if you didn't have to go to and fro or drive around on a tight schedule to see everyone.

Depending on the size of your guest list, you may be able to accommodate them all in a single resort with adjoining rooms. This will be an excellent opportunity to break the awkward ice among the visitors. With all of them in one spot, it will seem like one huge family—everyone will be happy, and the celebrations will begin sooner.

The Shiraz is a perfect venue to plan your wedding and accommodate your guests. Weddings here are sure to be spectacular.

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